Consent coaching for parents and caregivers

Helping parents and carers support children and teens

There comes a time when things get awkward. Maybe you walked into your teen’s room at just the wrong moment, or maybe they’ve been asking some tricky questions.

You might be thinking:

  • How do I talk about sex with my kids?
  • How do I explain to my teenagers what consent looks like?
  • How do I teach them that it’s OK to say ‘no’?
  • …How do I even bring up porn?

These conversations are hard to have. Our consent coaching sessions are designed to teach parents and carers how to start conversations about consent and keep them going, whether that be with kids, teens, and even nieces or nephews.

We provide skills-based training meaning you’ll be able to walk away from our sessions with the confidence and practical skills to navigate those tricky topics.

These sessions can be delivered 1 on 1, or in a group workshop setting.

Our sessions cover:

  • Consent and sex education
  • Pornography education
  • How to start a conversation with your young person about sex and consent
  • How to keep the conversation going
  • Conversations about sex and dating for LGBTIQ+ teens
  • Body safety and protective behaviours for the home
  • Talking to young people with a disability about sex and consent

Got questions?

No doubt you’ll have a lot of questions around how this works and what it might look like for you and your young people.

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Other training and workshops

Check + Chat

Check and Chat is a wellbeing and consent education service for young people, their parents or carers, and education professionals.

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