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We give you and the people around you the knowledge, skills and confidence to keep themselves, and those around them, safe.

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About our service

Check + Chat provides one-on-one consent education and sexuality counselling to people with cognitive disability, autistic individuals and the people that support them. We also focus on building the capacity of parents, carers and human service professionals to support the development of emerging and appropriate sexuality for people with cognitive disability.

Our sessions and workshops take a flexible and creative approach to get the message across.

We have over 10 years’ experience in community education, youth mental health and sexual assault education services. Our services are LGBTIQA+ informed and can cover a range of topics, from protective behaviours, respectful relationships and sexuality education.

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Fun and engaging consent training designed to give your young people the knowledge, confidence, and skills to help keep themselves, and others, safe.

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Things are about to get awkward. But we can arm you with the skills to navigate those tricky conversations with your kids (and get them to listen).

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Develop your knowledge and skills around respectful relationships and consent. Help create a safe space for young people, and understand your role in mandatory reporting.

1-on-1 consent coaching and education designed to help both young people and adults with a cognitive disability understand sexuality, body safety and how to navigate intimate relationships.

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Yep – kids are watching porn. Teach them the difference between expectations vs reality across relationships, pleasure and consent, and learn the skills to be able to have these conversations at home.

Our workshops and training cover:

  • Consent training and consent education
  • Sex education
  • Respectful relationships
  • Protective behaviours
  • Pornography education
  • eSafety: how to protect yourself online
  • Body safety
  • Social and emotional wellbeing (mindfulness, emotional regulation)
  • Leadership development.

Our workshops are developed in line with industry best practice – they’re LGBTIQ+ informed and use an intersectional and feminist-based philosophy to guide the theory.

In other words, we’re funky, we’re queer, and we’re experienced youth mental health professionals.

Lou’s workshop was professional and entertaining.

Her ability to tailor her content for the audience, to ensure her language and examples were inclusive and diverse, and to provoke thought and reflection, was outstanding.

– Amy Coleman, Director of Community Engagement at Sancta Sophia College, The University of Sydney 

Got questions?

Consent conversations are tricky. No doubt you’ve got (awkward) questions. Let’s chat.

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About Louise Mapleston, Check + Chat founder

Check + Chat was founded by Melbourne-based social worker, health promotion practitioner, and artist, Louise Mapleston (she/her) in 2020.

Louise has over 10 years experience delivering youth-based wellbeing, mental health, and sexual consent programs for young people and their trusted adults in schools and communities across Australia.

Louise designs tailored consent workshops for LGBTIQ+ communities and works with individuals on a one-on-one basis to increase their understanding of consent, bodily autonomy and the power of choice.

Check + Chat

Check and Chat is a consent and sexuality psychoeducation service for young people, adults with disability and those that support them.

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